STAFF REPORT KHI: World Wildlife Fund Pakistan (WWF-Pakistan) in collaboration with Friends of Indus Forum has launched the first dictionary on environment and climate change in Sindhi language.Speakers at the launch ceremony were of the view that the dictionary Building Capacity on Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Areas of Pakistan (CCAP) would help academia, media, scientific community and development sector.

Former vice Chancellor University of Sindh Mazhar ul Haq Siddiqui highlighted the need to disseminate scientific knowledge to common men for tackling climate change effectively.

He lauded the efforts of WWF and author of dictionary Dr Al Murtaza Dharejo for bringing out pioneering dictionary in Sindhi.

Dr Fahmida Hussain Chairperson Sindhi Language Authority, urged Sindhi scholars should come forward and extend their support in developing and translating scientific material in Sindhi language.

Dr Ali Murtaza Dharejo said that the climate change is adversely impacting the biodiversity and changing the topography of Sindh. He said around 2.7 million acres land of Thatta and Badin districts have been eroded by sea. Many diseases such as dengue, malaria, congo fever and lashmia were being caused by climate change.

Prof Qalander Shah said the government was not serious in sustainable management of natural resources while capitalist were promoting consumerism, which was threatening natural eco system.

He deplored environmental laws were hardly implemented. He said dictionary would be useful for people belonging to different walks of life.

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