STAFF REPORT KHI: English Biscuit Manufacturers, the Pakistans leading biscuit marker, has decided to focus this year on supporting and empowering youth from across the country.

“EBM has always had a consistent policy of supporting initiatives for the positive growth and development of the youth of Pakistan,” said Zulfiqar Ali Ansari, Head of Marketing, while speaking about EBMs participation at the School of Leaderships (SOL) annual Young Leaders Conference .

He said that initiatives that we have supported include a large endowment to IBA, adoption of TCF school units, School of Leadership projects (SOL), Literaty Pakistan, Charter for Compassion Pakistan and many other schools. Theme of the conference this year was Future Here.

“Our belief that the change this nation is looking for will only be brought about by empowering our youth also translates into our practice of hiring a relatively young team and grooming them to become better professionals,” he maintained.

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