Four days ago, a hacker from Russia claimed that he hacked some five million gmail accounts and their passwords. Moreover, he dumped all the email IDs in a text file which he placed and distributed over the internet.

Five million is one of the biggest number of accounts hacked; especially when we talk about google servers which are quite secure. The 5 million victims can include anyone around the globe and this also includes Pakistanis.

Users who had activated two step verification were asked to input security code from their cellphones to access their accounts. Experts have now advised every user to set up two step verification to ensure future security.

While confirming that 2% email ids were leaked, Google said that the information was not leaked from their servers. Rather it was leaked through less-secured third-party hacks.

Hacked accounts have been protected by google and it is being ensured that such type of acts dont happen in the future.

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