STAFF REPORT CHITRAL: Shandur Bio-Gas project has recently been introduced in Chitral in order to discourage abundant forest cutting in the district. The project has been launched by a local NGO after a successful experiment at Booni, some 75 kilometre from Chitral.

Well-known social worker Sultan Mehmood Khan was chief guest on the occasion while Engineer Qadir Shah presided over the introductory session.

“People are compelled to cut forests abundantly for fuel consumption as natural gas is unavailable in Chitral and in summer season temperature is below freezing point,” said Managing Director Shandur Bio-Gas Muhammad Ali Mujahid while addressing the project inauguration ceremony.

He said that besides cooking people were using wood for keeping their houses warmth which cause natural disaster in the shape of flood.

The process of Bio-Gas is to dug a 10 feet well with cemented base and walls which is filled with animals muck and covered then it produce gas which is used as a fuel for cooking and heating purposes.

Other speakers on the occasion demanded of the government and NGOs to play their due role in planning such projects in other parts of Chitral too as wood is very expensive and if this plan would become successful it would reduce forest cutting and the poor segment of the society would be benefited.

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