STAFF REPORT ISB: International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan have launched a programme to strengthen womens entrepreneurship in the country.

Participants of this programme included teachers from universities across the country, who also shared their experiences with the audience and praised the participatory training sessions.

“There is a dire need strengthen contribution of women to the economy, especially millions of women involved in small and medium enterprises,” said ILO Country Director Francesco dOvidio during the signing ceremony of the programme at the HEC building, Islamabad.

The ILO recognises these enterprises as engines of growth and employment, especially in developing economies like Pakistans where jobs in the formal sector are limited.

In his remarks, HEC Chairman Mukhtar Ahmad said that the trainers will now replicate this training in their own institutes business incubation centres. This way they will reach hundreds of women and men and help them bring their creative business ideas into reality, said Ahmed.”This has been one of the most unique learning experiences of my life. I had several business ideas but didnt know how to implement them. Thanks to this training I can now put my plans into action due to the skills that I have received,” said Saima, a trainee from University of Engineering and Technology, after getting her training certificate.

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