Ufone has started its Super Card service which is quite unique in contrast to all previous packages launched by all mobile carrier companies.

Through this service, customers will be able to enjoy

· 1000 mins for Ufone to Ufone and Ufone to PTCL/Vfone calling

· 150 mins for Ufone to any local mobile network

· 1000 messages to all local mobile networks

· 1000 MB mobile internet for All 2G and 3G customers

This all can be yours by loading a scratch card worth Rs. 500 in your mobile or making a Uload of Rs.500 and then you can enjoy seamless connectivity while calling your friends and relatives on any network.

This offer is sure to catch a lot of eyes since many mobile users nowadays are interested in having a mobile package which allows seamless connectivity to the internet without many charges while he or she calls her relatives present on any network.

By Web Team

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