STAFF REPORT LHR: Speakers at a conference said that the online learning is far more interesting than traditional education techniques and is also easier to track and review.

Organised by the 3P Learning, the conference with the title I Love Learning Conference, was a series of lectures and workshops aimed at challenging teachers and educators to look differently and creatively at the teaching and learning process. The lectures are titled: teaching ethics, learning dispositions, integration of technology in regular teaching and learning process through online education.

The 3P Learning is a Sydney-based company, with offices in 12 countries, including Pakistan.

Research Scholar Muhammed Akram said that the diversity of activities, tasks and challenges in each e-learning programme instills a sense of achievement and the love for learning in students.

“Coupled with the drive to reduce teachers workload, the online learning resources are powerful tools both in and out of the classroom. These programmes cover mathematics, spelling and literacy, reading skills and science,” he said.

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