STAFF REPORT ISB: Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MoIT) is in the process of shifting from small Software Technology Parks (STPs) to holistic ICT Parks to encourage emerging technologies.

The proposed Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Parks would be developed with state-of-the-art infrastructure, aiming to bring together world-class technology in a multi-purpose environment.

The Parks will promote academia/industry collaboration to mitigate gaps between Academia and IT Industry, boost IT exports and provision of cloud based ICT infrastructure and shared services and to create a `springtime environment and culture conducive to vibrant and dynamic innovation.

The ministry in its list of new initiatives has said that in addition to IT companies, enterprises from a wide spectrum of sectors will be encouraged to locate to the ICT parks.

“This would help encourage establishment of RandD centers to facilitate the IT, telecom, pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotechnology and nano-technology, banking and space sector, promotion of renewable energy,” said an official of the ministry.

He also said that the concept of ICT Parks has been approved by Planning Commission and MoIT is in the process of preparation of PC-II in consultation with World Bank Office in Pakistan. The Bank has expressed its desire to invest up to $45 million in this project.

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