Confirmed by cellphone users, One of the two cellular companies who purchased 3G + 4G license has decided to provide doorstep delivery of 4G sims to users who are interested in the testing stage of 4G service. This company is none other than the “Seventh mobile carrier to enter the Pakistani Market” namely “Warid”.

Yes, Warid has finally decided to take 4G LTE trials and beta testers will be selected by Warid itself. Users confirm that they have received calls from the cellular company for if they want to be a 4G tester.

4G service is a lot faster than any of the previous ones and it is bound to bring a revolution which will be greater than what 3G is bringing at the current time.

4G requires different sim cards since it holds more power than the previous bands. It also requires 4G compatible handsets. Therefore Warid will deliver new sims at doorstep of those who dont have 4G sims yet.

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