STAFF REPORT ISB: Tandem Type hybrid car has been planned for Pakistan. It would be the first car of its kind produced in Pakistan, which would normally, be run electrically and use the “extender” as a stand-by-for another 100-miles, if the batteries cannot be charged immediately. This would be an ideal transport to be used in cities without causing environmental pollution.

According to details, a joint Pak-Chinese venture intending to launch a tandem type hybrid car has approached the Ministry of Industries and Production to get pioneer status. The companys representative Major General Mian Abdul Qayoom (retired) in a letter to Secretary Industries, Raja Hasan Abbass, has given details of the project. Tandem type hybrid car is an electric car with an added petrol extender adding about 100 km range.

The company pleads that this joint venture with Chinese entrepreneurs deserves to be granted pioneer status, along with all other duty concessions permissible to Pioneer Industries, under the existing policy.

According to M/s Qural Cassettes Limited, the company has submitted its proposal for the grant of pioneer status as envisaged in the government policy for the manufacture of electric cars.

Qural Cassettes Limited maintains that to the best of its knowledge, Korakoram Motor has not, so far, commenced the manufacture of electric cars, as no such cars are seen on the road.

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