STAFF REPORT RWP: Pakistan is now vulnerable to multiple problems like declining per acre yields, water shortage, pest attacks on crops and lack of information on latest farming techniques. However, following the launch of the 3G-4G technologies in the country we can ensure a big revolution in the farming sector by creating awareness among all stakeholders particularly farming community as it would help them a lot in having enhanced per acre yields through improved farming practices.

These views were expressed by experts at a one-day workshop titled 3G-4G awareness generation among farmers recently organized by the weekly Technology Times at the Arid University, Rawalpindi. The event was part of the series of workshops, seminars and discussions being organized by the Technology Times at various universities and other academic institutions with an aim to sensitizing the students community on positive usage of 3G-4G technology.

Those who spoke on the occasion included Vice Chancellor Arid University Prof. Dr. Rai Niaz Ahmed, Director Barani Institute of Information Technology Dr. Mubashar Riaz Khan, International Technical Support Officer, ICT Asia Region Babar Zahoor, and Chairman Central Asian Cellular Forum Khalid Khan.

In his keynote address, Dr. Rai Niaz said though Pakistan is an agriculture country yet it has got exposed to various issues like water scarcity, dwindling per acre yields, conventional or outdated agriculture research methodologies, lack of proper pests control approach, food grain storage capacity or provision of qualify seeds. He, however, said that the introduction of 3G-4G technology in the country, we are at the threshold of information flow where the farmers community living in remote or inaccessible areas could easily interact with agriculture experts and exchange ideas and information with other community members of other areas on mobile phone using high speed broadband being offered by 3G-4G.

He further said that the ICTs have already penetrated in almost all fields of life, especially telemedicine and distance learning like the project of Virtual University and are benefiting the people. Now by using the 3G-4G technology-based mobile phone the farmers would be able to get tele-agriculture centres advices while living in their local areas without any delay.

Dr. Niaz suggested establishment of tele-agriculture centres in agriculture research institutes across the country, as it would help a lot in not only providing latest information about the farming techniques to farmers but also in creating awareness about the international farming techniques in addition to getting expert advice on pest scouting in order to control damage to crops.

While delivering his speech, Dr. Mubashar Riaz Khan said though we have entered the world of 3G-4G technologies where we would be having wider connectivity while on the go, yet there are moral obligations especially on the young generation as they are more vulnerable to this technology phenomenon.

He further said that 3G-4G is not for seeing video clips on internet only as we need to focus on getting purposeful information through this technology and create a knowledgeable generation that could contribute towards generating economic activities.

In his remarks, Editor Technology Times and CEO Tech TV, Sayyed Ali Mustafa Zaidi Paras, said that purpose of holding seminars, discussions and workshops is to create awareness among students about the proper connectivity usage of the 3G-4G and to convert this technology into creating knowledge society.

He thanked the speakers and experts who shed light on the significance of the new generation technologies and their implication on the society. He also appreciated the audience for taking interest in these new generation technologies.

At the end, students also shared their experiences about the emerging mobile technologies while interacting with individuals and organizations at both national and international levels.

Khalid Khan, Chairman Centre for Advanced Cellular Forum, stressed the need for focusing on more usage of 3G-4G technology as it would lead to value addition. Babar Zahoor also spoke on socio-economic benefits of 3G/4G.

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