STAFF REPORT ISB: An e-learning competition aimed at developing new interactive content for education is moving ahead as 16 teams have been selected to participate in a boot camp starting this month.Ilm Ideas, an education project funded by the UK Department for International Development, started the Ilm Apps Challenge in May last in collaboration with the Pakistan Innovation Foundation (PIF). More than 180 entries were received for the camp. After brainstorming and hackathon sessions in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, 16 teams were selected to take part in the boot camp.

The two-month boot camp has started from July 15 and it will include training sessions and visitations to various schools.At the end of the camp late in August, 10 final teams will be announced. The winning teams will receive funding from Ilm Ideas. In January, the teams will deploy their ideas in the field for three months.

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