STAFF REPORT KHI: Information Technology (IT) industry of Pakistan could touch exports of $5 billion mark by 2020 if proper business strategy, required infrastructure and talented human resources are made available to local companies in the coming years.

Haris Naseer Director at Infotech Group said Pakistans IT exports are presently estimated at $2 billion with quite good pace despite many challenges and issues to industry players.

No doubt, Pakistan is a country with a huge population and services sector is a catalyst to robust economy if their relationship is tied wisely with technology. But we need to invest in our young to convert them into a marketable service providing human resource.

With an investment of a few hundred million dollars, we can generate significant streams of revenues including foreign exchange, taxes to government and enhance productivity and performance of private and public sector companies.

The annual requirement of HR is 25,000 resources per year as far as demand of fresh blood is concerned in IT industry. But the educational institutes having capacity to train high-class professionals for IT industry is limited to few like FAST, GIKI and LUMS.

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