Thoughts do have power. Ultimate outcome of thinking process is conceptualization of innovation, information, inevitability of education. We keep thinking to come up with some new innovative idea and try to sell it for own benefit. Strong marketing skills equipped with new technology make it easy to convince policy makers running the governments, thus policies are often infected by such group members with strong convincing power or manipulating skills.

Society is often ignored, thus policies for harnessing the population are being devised. What we do in our everyday life is business of some sort so that we can take back home some basic commodity not innovation, new thought or education; for it is not basic in its demand but usually done by those who may have upgraded in a way of usual living by acquiring sources illuminating the mankind.

When we talk about local systems we talk about culture and anthropology which is diverse. Diversity is due to the every being in this world is diverse and different in nature from the beings present all across the planet. But then cultural studies do talk about 95 per cent of the behaviors and attitudes are alike all across the world. We all require food, shelter and clothes; demand for love and recognition also have a value in our cultures; social scientists have done a lot to discretely identify the needs of humanity. But can we come up with a system which is acceptable to all and capable to fulfil the needs of all the humanity.

Trade and finance policies are not different. In this global village some are more influential than others. Policies favouring some nations are being implemented all across the globe. However, we see deviations like the one under discussion, off and on. Financial system is only supporting rich ones and those who are already strong. In the barter system, everyone has strength as every member in a society has something to offer to others. Governments intervention can only be fruitful and conducive to societys well being if it is in accordance with normative sciences. If the value of money is always decreasing then it is not a good way to trade on money rather get the commodity you need at once rather than getting a security document which may be invalidated or devalued sooner.

New sciences of management and financial management are brutal in validating the real needs as it requires redefining the values. The brute force is obvious from industrialization and ultimate outcome of globalization. But we require fine tuning of mankind rather than changing the value chain system. This is done by normative sciences, which is at the core of our belief system in One God loving humanity and nature.

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