STAFF REPORT ISB: As the mobile phone industry is experiencing a transitional phase from 2G to 3G, 4G technology in Pakistan after the auction of this technology licences auction fetching a huge investment, the subscribers are going to be offered a latest broadband gadget while on the go, it has been learnt reliably.

“Our company is going to roll out a broadband gadget named CHAR JI (4G LTE) in near future that carries diversified features allowing its users to have round the clock internet connectivity on cell phones, laptops, tablets and notepads through Wi Fi technology while on the go across the country,” an official close to the meeting which devised the campaign to launch this product disclosed to the Technology Times while requesting anonymity.

The mobile phone operators have recently launched the 3G, 4G technology to capture the market of about 130 million cell phone users in the country with running millions of rupees media campaigns to allure their subscribers to enjoy high speed connectivity while on the go and turn this facility into generating economic activities.

The official from the company which enjoys monopoly in the countrys landline telephony, said that the CHAR-JI device is set to be launched in Pakistan as currently its media campaign is at the stage of being finalized.

While talking about the features of the CHAR JI device, the official said that its expected declared download speed would be 36Mbps while upload speed would be 7Mbps. However, he was quick to say that its operational download speed would be between 20-25 Mbps and in remote areas its speed could be slow accordingly.

About the charges, the official said that its monthly package is expected at Rs. 3000/ per month.

This is particular to mention here that in Pakistan except landline DSL service, all other Internet services are available only on wireless technology – WLL.

However, this technology is not up to the mark in the country as majority of the WLL technology-based internet users have very strong reservations about its smooth connectivity while on the go.

It has been widely observed that a number of companies providing the WLL services in the country in the past were cautioned by the telecom watchdog Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, following the users complaints, to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations prescribed at the time of issuing sale certificates. However, these instrucmtions were hardly complied.

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