STAFF REPORT ISB: Djuice, Telenors mobile telephony brand for youth, has launched an app development contest dubbed Apportunity 2014 in Pakistan. This Apportunity 2014 is a competition for Pakistani students and software developers who create mobile phone applications.

Djuice has been organizing this competition for the past two years.

This year djuice has partnered with Microsoft to help bring the competition to the Windows Phone platform in addition to Google Android and Apple iOS platforms.

Microsoft is also supporting djuice to reach major university incubation centers. Moreover, with the support of Pakistan Software House Association (P@SHA), for the first time, djuice is opening the competition to software houses as well. The brand team will be visiting universities across Pakistan to conduct mentoring sessions so that users can interact with industry experts and refine their app ideas.

The competition winner will present his/hrer app at the Digital Winners Global App Developer Challenge 2014 in Oslo, Norway, and will also win a grand cash prize of $33,000. The runner-up in Pakistan will also receive prizes of Rs.200,000.

This years edition of Apportunity is introducing a new category: Best Internet App.

The competition has 10 distinct categories for app submission, such as business, entertainment, sports and utilities.

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