Following the tradition to be the pioneer in organizing events of their own kind, the Department of Electronics Engineering (12ES) has recently organized a one-day mega event titled Synergy14 at the auditorium of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, Sindh, (MUET), in collaboration with FEECE and Center of Excellence Arts and Design (CEAD).

Chief Coordinator for the Synergy14 was Prof. Dr. B.S. Chowdhry and the event coordinators were Engr. Attiya Baqai, Engr. Khuhed Memon, Engr. Azam Memon, Engr. Sanober Farheen, Engr. Sara Qadeer, Engr. Shoaib Hassan, Engr. Mansoor Teevno and Engr. Mustafa Baloch. The event comprised a wide variety of features, including an inter-department debate competition (Discover your voice), a sketching competition (Splash your imagination), LAN gaming competition (Game-a-Zone), an arts exhibition (Artival), various skits by students of FEECE faculty (Skit-o-mania) and mime show by students from the Center of Excellence Arts and Design (CEAD). In addition, Meet the people-Inspiring Excellence was a key module of this event. The Synergy14 invited Muhammad Shahid Mirza, the founder and managing director of Satzel Pvt Ltd., to share with the students his endeavours in the path to excellence. Various stalls were set up by the students outside the MUET auditorium bearing many interesting activities for students of entire university. These activities included games, stalls for MUET souvenirs, food court, among others. More than 650 participants and audience attended this mega event.

The event commenced with the recitation from Holy Quran by Madam Attiya Baqai, followed by the debate competition “Discover your Voice”. The competition comprised three rounds. In the very first round, the teams were given a topic beforehand; to debate in favour or against. In the second round, on spot topic was given to all the teams in which team discussion was allowed whereas in the third round the contestants were given extempore topic with no team discussion allowed. The teams participated in this competition were from Electronics, Telecommunication, Software, Computer Systems and Electrical Engineering Departments from which the Software Department team won the competition. The debate competition was evaluated by Madam Rozy Ilyas and Sir Shoukat Lohar, the faculty members from ELDC.

After the debate competition, Prof. Dr. Tauha Hussain Ali, Registrar MUET, in his welcome address appreciated the efforts of the students and put a light to the power and fruitfulness of team work. This was followed by the inauguration of the art gallery by Prof. Dr. Tauha Hussain Ali, Professor Dr. Bhai Khan Shar, Director CEAD and Professor Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, Dean FEECE. The art gallery was arranged in the corridors of MUET auditorium. The gallery presented semester projects and art work of the students of CEAD which was immensely appreciated by the visitors and remained a key source of attraction to them all the time.

Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Aslam Uqaili, while addressing the audience said, “Acquiring degree is not the only purpose of universities, along with it; opportunities should be made for students on the basis of ability and character. This event provided a platform for the encouragement and unity of Students”. He also added that by arranging such events, students get the chance to portray and share their unique, imaginative ideas and creativities.

Dean Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Systems and Chief Coordinator of the event Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, while elaborating the purpose of the event, said, “Electronics Department has taken a step to initiate an arena in which successful personalities from various walks of life share their precious experiences and students get chance to have a dialogue with them as well. This step would prove to be very useful for students since they would get valuable lessons from their lives, which would provide guidelines and pave the way to excellence.”

The sketch competition “Splash your Imagination” was held at the robbing room in the auditorium and the LAN gaming competition “Game A zone”, that included two computer games, “Need for Speed” and “Counter Strike”, was organized at the Department of Electronics Engineering. In the sketch competition, the contestants were given an on-spot theme “Social Realities” to portray their thoughts on canvas with the sketching skills. The judges of sketching competition were respectable faculty members from CEAD, Kashif Shehzad and Fazal Illahi.

Winners of the debate and gaming competition were from the Department of Software Engineering, whereas the sketching competition was won by the student of Chemical Engineering Department. Various interesting skits were also performed by students from FEECE faculty and an amazing mime show was presented by the very talented students from CEAD. Cash prizes to the winners and certificates to all the participants were also awarded by team Synergy14 after the event.

The sponsors of this event were Berrylicious, Inspired and Subhan Allah BAR B.Q village restaurant while the media coverage was provided by the MUET TECH.

The keynote speaker was awarded shield by the chief guests Professor Dr. Abdul Qadeer Rajput, Professor Emeritus, MUET, and Professor Dr. M. Aslam Uqaili, Vice Chancellor, MUET. The event was concluded by the address of Professor Dr. M. Aslam Uqaili and Professor Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry.

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