STAFF REPORT ISB: With winning licence for the worlds most advanced cellular technology – 4G spectrum – in the recently held auction of 3G-4G licences in Pakistan, Zong, a subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC), is seeing a leading role for itself in the field of cellular services in the country.

The company has recently won the much anticipated spectrum auction for Next Generation Mobile Services to become the only 3G and 4G operator in Pakistan.

“Our company has achieved yet another milestone through winning the 4G spectrum license. Thriving on this success the company will soon offer a complete new array of first of its kind services to its distinguished customers,” remarked Dr. Fan Yunjun, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ZonG, while commenting on this envious achievement.

The 4G is a packet switched wireless system which extends support for interactive multimedia, voice, streaming video, Internet, and other broadband services – IP based mobile system – high speed, high capacity, and low cost per bit. – global access, service portability, and scalable mobile services.

Zongs parent company, CMCC, officially launched its 4G services in December 2013 and by March 31, 2014 the company had 781.08 million total customers making it the largest operator across the globe. Today the CMCC has 2.79 million 4G customers and almost 225 million 3G subscribers. Till date the company has more than 252,000 4G sites across China and is targeting more than 500,000 4G sites by end of this year which makes CMCC the largest 4G operator in the world.

“We believe in continuous progress and innovations, which in turn means better services and facility for our esteemed customers. Acquiring 3G and 4G licenses is just another example of our dedication towards providing better and efficient services to our subscribers. Through such endeavours we show our commitment towards taking the telecom services in Pakistan to the next generation,” he added.

He further said that Zong is committed to service excellence and believes in bringing the best technology with the virtue of the worlds largest 3G and 4G operator. “This is a moment of pride as the consumer will now have access to the most advanced telecom technology and this is our chance to prove ourselves as the “Indispensable Digital Life Partner for Life” for every Pakistani,” he remarked.

Seeing a new horizon in the countrys cellular services, he said that this is the beginning of a new era in mobile internet world which will allow subscribers to experience extremely fast download speeds. The company has been taking giant leaps in the competitive market of telecom services by introducing customer centric services for different segments of mobile phone users along with expanding its network at an exponential rate.

In a later interaction with media, Chairman and CEO Fan Yunjun confirmed that Zong will pay $516 million licences fee for 3G and 4G spectra in single tranche to PTA.

He said, “This is a moment of pride as consumers will now have access to the most advanced telecom technology and this is our chance to prove ourselves as the Indispensable Digital Life Partner for Life for every Pakistani.”

The bidding for 3G spectrum was led by Zong, which secured a 10MHz band licence and also qualified to bid for one of the two available 1800MHz 4G licences – which it went on to win, while the Mobilink avoided taking part in the 4G spectrum auction saying it prefers to concentrate on improving 3G services to its customers.

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