FETEX comprises of different academic and talent based competitions. The format of these events is being derived from similar kind of events organized by various engineering institutions around the country. Apart from teams from our departments many teams mostly from Islamabad/Rawalpindi also participate in this event.

This event provides an opportunity to students from various universities to test their skills learned at their institution. It also serves to explore the academic talent among the students. The event and its various competitions are designed as such that almost all levels of students can participate in this event.

The students of FET have already proved their talent and mettle in various national level competitions. Keeping in view the inspiration, talent and passion of our students in the previous FETEX10-11, FETEX12, FETEX13, we are looking forward to make FETEX 14 even better than the previous ones.

Event Description

This event comprises of 25 different academic and talent based competitions. The list of the competitions is as follows:

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Sports and Social

Robo Race

Bridge Building

Gaming competition (Indoor and E-gaming)

Robo War

Speed Designing

Presentation Skills Competition

Quiz competition

Water Rockets

Photography Competition

Speed wiring competition

Design and Glide

Treasure hunt

Digital logic competition

Micro-controller Interfacing

Speed programming competition

PCB Designing

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