STAFF REPORT ISB: In an effort to augment the present low birth registration rate, Telenor Pakistan and Unicef Pakistan have jointly launched a pilot project to mediate childs right to identity through mobile birth registrations.

This unique pilot project aims at helping create an enabling environment by making the process of birth registration user-friendly, and providing facilitation to citizens and other stakeholders through the use of technology and innovations.

The project will not only aim at increasing the demand for registrations in selected union councils of Sindh and Punjab but will also induce a proactive approach towards bringing birth registration services to the public.

The project will play a pivotal role in improved citizen interactions through process optimisation, better planning and management of data for the government, and improved health awareness through uptake of mobile-health (m-health) services.

“This partnership with Unicef will not only help boost birth registration rate, but will also establish the importance of technology for enabling a childs right to registration,” Said Aslam Hayat, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Telenor Pakistan.

“This project has tremendous implications for the right of every child in Pakistan as birth registration is an important instrument to realise childrens right to health, education and other services,” said Dan Rohrmann, Unicef Representative in Pakistan.

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