Karachi, Pakistan, April 02, 2014 – The food ordering powerhouse EatOye (http://eatoye.pk/), disclosed the idea of travelling faster than the speed of sound. The idea remains alluring as till today no one else has delivered oven hot food with Ferraris.

In essence, EatOye for point-to-point food delivery has specified the type of vehicle they operate – Customers can choose Ferrari as a delivery option to avail their food in a speed of light from any outlet they have ordered from.

EatOye, which over the past year had been expanding further into major Pakistani markets, has customer driven approach which is also mission critical for EatOye (http://eatoye.pk/).

“We are tremendously cheerful with our initiative through which we will empower our valued customers a premium service that they deserve. As our vision to be the most convenient way to order food locally, we also want to get smart about connecting foodies with the food.” said Chief Executive Officer, Nauman Sikandar.

EatOyes idea of delivering with Ferrari would likely give the company the infrastructure it needs to expand and fortify its instant delivery initiative.

As of now, the financial details of the deal are undisclosed.

“Customers told us about how delivery can be made faster enabling riders to eventually reach homes and houses more quickly,” says Rai Umair, Chief Technology Officer of EatOye (http://eatoye.pk/), who also laid out the companys aggressive product plan to be in major cities of Pakistan. The product can also infiltrate international markets in a few months time.

The move could also give EatOye (http://eatoye.pk/) a delivery network to compete with any fast delivery service available in market. EatOye may set the expectation among retailers and consumers once they are providing super-fast delivery. Conventional delivery is just going to be so passé.

Some in the e-commerce space see a battle emerging that is strikingly similar to that of the Google and Apple, with eBay aiming to provide a physical and digital platform for stores, and Amazon taking its closed, walled-garden approach to retail and delivery.

The first supersonic delivery tests are set for April 1st 2014. Once tested, the Ferraris will enable mission that maximize the capability of current food delivery and could be used in Mars as our mission launching there is as early as 2018.

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