STAFF REPORT ISB: Creating public awareness of intellectual property (IP) is part of a cluster of activities aimed at enhancing the capacity of business and research institutions to use IP system effectively.

These views were shared by the heads and representatives of partner organisations at a ceremony recently held in Islamabad. The event was organised by the UNIDO for handing over comprehensive sets of IP reference material to IPO Pakistan and Pakistan Institute of Trade And Development (PITAD).

Speaking on the occasion, Development Advisor at the European Union, Roshan Ara, said that coordinated efforts would help for strengthening IP culture in Pakistan. She also mentioned the ongoing and future activities progressing with the cooperation of stakeholders.

Director General IPO, Pakistan, Amir Hasan, said that an increased understanding among the general public and educational and research institutions of the key role played by IP in modern economies would facilitate greater use of the IP system by small businesses and inventors. It would also promote respect for IP, thereby contributing to better enforcement of IP rights, he said.

Chief Technical Advisor at the UNIDOs TRTA II Programme Bruno Valanzuolo said the UNIDO manages the overall programme implementation of TRTA-II while World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is the associated implementing partner for Component 3 of the TRTA II programme concerned with intellectual property rights in Pakistan.

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