International patent war and future of patent rights

A patent is the transfer of a set of exclusive rights to a scientist or an inventor by the state, in exchange of detailed public disclosure of an invention which could be a solution to a specific technical problem (utility patents), a new design (Design patents) or a newly invented product (plant patent). Some people confuse patents with copyrights and trademarks. Copyright is a kind of protection provided to an author, artist or musician for their original work in the form of scientific

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Council formed for peasants rights protection

STAFF REPORT LHR: The Agrarian Reforms Council has been launched with the prime objective of developing the rural economy in the province. It also aims to tackle poverty by strengthening agriculture and supporting the rights of farmers and peasants.

The council would act as an independent think tank giving recommendations for reviewing land and agrarian policies. Initially, it will take up some urgent issues, but over the time it might cover a wide range of agro-economic and environment

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Commitment pledged to fight for consumer rights protection

He said that they are committed to continue the operation against adulteration till the results are achieved to the satisfaction of the consumers.

At the occasion, Huma Bukhari, Chairperson Consumer Forum, briefed the Commissioner about the establishment of Pakistan Consumers’ Federation. She said that in a country like Pakistan where importance of consumer related issues like consumer rights and consumer rights protection is rather a neglected and untouched area. It is with this

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Dilemma of intellectual property rights!

Where the science and technology has played a pivotal role in the progress of developed world, the intellectual property rights (IPRs) are equally important which not only guarantee a proper reward to the inventors but also promoting further innovations and researches. Based on strong academia-industry liaison, high education institutions and universities have successfully emerged as the breeding place for what the western world is now experiencing in shape of innovations and inventions in

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UNIDO for increasing IP rights awareness

STAFF REPORT ISB: Creating public awareness of intellectual property (IP) is part of a cluster of activities aimed at enhancing the capacity of business and research institutions to use IP system effectively.

These views were shared by the heads and representatives of partner organisations at a ceremony recently held in Islamabad. The event was organised by the UNIDO for handing over comprehensive sets of IP reference material to IPO Pakistan and Pakistan Institute of Trade And

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Regional moot shares experiences on l and rights advocacy

STAFF REPORT KHI: The Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment (SCOPE) and National Peasants Coalition of Pakistan (NPCP) has recently organized a regional conference on experience sharing on land rights advocacy in Islamabad.

The conference, sponsored by International Land Coalition (ILC), Oxfam Pakistan and other international institutions, was followed by a two-day training workshop on land right advocacy.

According to details, as many as 12 delegates from

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