BEING an experienced telecommunications engineer, I would like to suggest to the HEC, PEC, UET and other universities that telecommunications engineering and electrical engineering studies should be merged to save energy, time, money and infrastructure.

So many universities in Pakistan offer admission in telecom engineering and electrical engineering, producing thousands of engineers every year who remain jobless. There is classification of different departments in engineering and the telecommunications.

If courses of telecommunication engineering are taught in electrical (communication) engineering, which are almost the same, then why should there be a separate department of telecommunications in every university?

Telecommunication engineering is a branch of electrical engineering. Therefore, electrical engineering department is enough to run successfully telecom engineering courses.

Also, telecommunication engineering curriculum should be revised according to job market. There should be short courses/seminars on new trends in telecommunications and career development.

We should serve our own country, but there must be a balance in all sectors of engineering regarding production of engineers and the job market. Also, there should be strong motivation towards research.

By Web Team

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