The significance of science and technology is beyond any argument if one goes through the phenomenal development the world is enjoying today. And relatively the role of science and technology parks has got remarkable recognition across the world as these parks not only contribute in further triggering the economic and business activities but also in offering facilities like manufacturing, high level training, technology and business incubation, standardization and calibration laboratories, testing and analytical facilities, and industrial services. A science and technology park comprises a group of professionals whose main aim is to increase the wealth of its community by promoting the culture of innovation and competitiveness. With the worlds first techno-park started in early 1950s and now there are over 140 techno-parks in North America alone. The big North American technological parks have experienced an enormous impact regarding economic growth, qualified jobs creation, exports and modern firms competitiveness development. The success attributed to these parks in many countries has played a significant role in scientific and economic development in many knowledge based societies and specialized employment. Majority of the world states, after being convinced by the progress, are increasingly concentrating their resources on establishing science and technology parks. Our neighboring states especially India and China and Iran have posted a convincing progress in this field.Presently, Pakistan is placed at the bottom of innovation and competitiveness indices translating into low end production of cheap goods and inefficient energy consumption ratio. The country, which claims to have started shifting its focus on science and technology in recent years, has only two techno-parks. One is in Lahore and the other one is in Islamabad while construction of a couple of more technological parks in Karachi is under consideration in addition to NUSTs plan to have its science and technology park in Islamabad. Here a potent point arises as to whether we are taking initiatives to create awareness among the stakeholders about the role of science and technology parks. The answer may not be so encouraging. The relevant quarters need to create awareness on the potential role that technological parks can play not only in accelerating Pakistan’s industrialization programmes but also in transforming the country in knowledge-based economy. In view of the current resource constraints, there is a need to utilize existing resources optimally through productivity enhancement reorganizing our research and development infrastructure to rectify the dismal situation. These targets, though high with the available meager resources, can be achieved if the government shifts its more focus on this sector, more science and technology parks are established. This would not only play a vibrant and encouraging role in controlling the brain drain but would also make Pakistan export its comparatively cheap but skilled services to the international market.

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