ACCORDING to a media report, FPCCI has proposed establishment of vocational institutes in private sector. However, it is not clear if this suggestion is backed by detailed analysis or studies as to the physical infrastructure conditions of all these institutes. It is also not clear on what basis the FPCCI and possibly other chambers would be willing to take over management of these institutes for improved vocational training.
The proposed transfer of vocational training from the government to the private sector is a gigantic task. Initially, it may be possibly considered only on a pilot project basis.
The government could consider this suggestion for possible public-private partnership in order to lessen the shortage of the skilled and trained manpower and thus improve productivity for eventual economic development in the country.
It is felt though that the FPCCIs idea may possibly have more weight if supported by detailed reports on actual performance of the FPCCI and different chambers in the past in such activities, particularly on: (1) performance of the apprenticeship schemes required to be implemented by the business and industry according to the law, rules or regulations;
(2) establishment of any centres of excellence by FPCCI or business groups as presumably has been done by the chambers in India or other countries; and
(3) earlier actual adoption by FPCCI of any govt-owned technical/vocational institutes and the improvement in the performance of such institutes thereafter.

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