STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) has launched the High School Summer Science Research Programme (HSSSRP) in order to promote science at school level across the country.

It will give high school students hands-on research experience by working on research projects with top class scientists from public and private universities in different parts of the country.

“We hope this experience will encourage our students for science and have positive impact on student interest in careers in science disciplines,” said PSF Spokesperson Rehana Batool while talking to media here.

She said that the one way to enter into the list of developed countries is to promote Science and Technology at all levels in academia and industry.

She explained that the objective of the programme is to develop the habit of thinking among students on various phenomenon of science.

The HSSSRP is jointly organised by PSF, Pakistan Society of Computational Science/Biology (PSCS) and Embassy of France in Pakistan.

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