By Naveed Siraj

When we think about the synergy between technology and a family, we tend to think in fairly imposing terms: massive computer invading a corner in the house. This haughty vision is blinding us to an important and rather striking technological revolution which has been going on right under our noses: the technological revolution in the home. This metamorphosis is transforming the conduct of our daily lives, but in somewhat preeminent ways.

Just slow down and note the influence that technology is having on the family life as a whole and how communication between family members is now revolving around certain technologies such as, multiple televisions, laptops, MP3 players, mobile phones, game consoles and so forth. Now my question is, you are changing with the times but is your technology? Most of the computers used in Pakistan are over 4 years old and/or are large desktops. These computers are often big, bulky and slow. A personal computer has the single purpose to enhance everyday user experience, whether its productivity at work and school or entertainment at home. If your PC gives you heartache over lag time and limitations on what can be done with it, you need to reconsider you options.

Over the past few years, Intels advancements in processor technology have transformed the way millions of people around the world use computers and have led to an exciting array of thin, light and powerful PCs. Case in point, the latest generation of Intel-inspired Ultrabook™ convertibles marry performance, responsiveness and sleek designs with a premium computing experience – laptop functionality when you need it and a touch-enabled tablet experience when you want it.

If you arent sure if it is time for a new PC, ask yourself some questions. Do you down a cup of tea in the time it takes to boot up your PC in the morning? Do you stare at the clock or worse, passers-bys, while your PC struggles to download a movie? Are you hauling your charger everywhere because your laptop wont hold a charge for more than an hour at a time? Do the wires and weight of your bulky PC tie you down? If so, you are not alone. Around the world, people are complaining about their old devices. Here are a few statistics for you to consider: 39 percent say their 4-year-old PC is outdated, 36 percent say their 4-year-old PC freezes when running too many applications, 33 percent say their old PC takes too long to boot up and28 percent say their old PC is too slow for their needs.

So you would naturally ask then why not a technological gadget instead of a fully fledged PC. Although there are a lot of new and exciting technologies in the market, including smart phones and tablets, the PC remains the best device for many people for many reasons. In terms of performance, a PC uses powerful processors, which makes them very fast and responsive. Applications that require a lot of horsepower, such as photo editing, HD video streaming and gaming, run best on a PC thanks to its processor.

In terms of productivity, to-date, a PC is still the best way to get a lot done in the fastest amount of time. Complicated tasks such as booking a vacation or filling out a spreadsheet are simply easier to accomplish on a PC.

And last but not the least, multi-tasking. A PC allows you to multi-task and conduct several activities at once. Communicate with your friends on Skype while listening to music, finishing an online shopping order and playing a game of solitaire all at the same time on your PC.

Coming back to upgrading your current personal computer; Todays Intel-powered PCs are on average 3 times faster than PCs from 4 years ago. You can edit and share a 2-hour HD video in about 2 minutes on todays PC. Four years ago? On average, it took over an hour. Today, an Intel-powered Ultrabook boots up in under 7 seconds. With a 4-year-old PC, it could take more than a minute. You can transfer 500 photos on USB 3.0 in 23 seconds. On a 4-year-old PC that uses USB 2.0, it can take more than a minute.

The latest Intel-powered PCs are much lighter, on average weighing half as much as an older PC. Todays PCs are much thinner; many are less than an inch thick with double the battery life, offering up to 8 hours of battery life versus the average 2.5 hour life of a 4-year-old PC.

And if you are looking for a truly innovative product, the stylish All-in-One desktops are PCs that double as entertainment hubs. It is lifestyle product and as a true convergence between the computer and television. This device is an excellent choice for lifestyle buyers and families looking for a unique and feature packed gadget, a desktop solution and a large tablet. Specially targeted towards families, an AIO gives users the mobile flexibility of a tablet with the performance of a powerful desktop PC, all in one compact and stylish package.

In addition to saving time, new PCs are simply more fun to use. They enable more capabilities with significantly better performance enhancing your experiences including sharper, crystal-clear screen resolution for photo and video consumption and smoother, richer Internet and social networking experiences to connect with family and friends. The latest systems offer a convertible experience – the flexibility of a tablet and a power of a PC in one device and bringing the magic of touch to your computing experience.

Naveed Siraj is the Country Manager for Intel Pakistan.

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