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NATIONS ARE engaged in generating and saving the power and electricity because of it is considered as one of the basic needs of their residents. In this race every country wants to create its own power system i.e. from generation to distribution. These peoples are putting their every effort in the field of engineering and technology and as Electrical Engineering is a field that particularly deals with the study and applications of electricity. The main areas of Electrical Engineering are Electronics, Software, Hardware, Signal Processing, Communications, Computer Engineering, Power Electronics, Power System Engineering, Nanotechnology, Biomedical Imaging, Embeded Systems and Controls.

The very first step for generating purely own electricity is to build such kind of institutions where quality of education is provided to students so that they can be able to complete this task on their own basis, these peoples are called electrical engineers. Electrical Engineers possess an academic degree in the field of electrical engineering. It may be called Bachelor of engineering, its duration is sometimes four or five years. In this field of engineering, students are trained with each and every rule and principle of the power system.

A power system comprises of four basic steps i.e generation, transmission, distribution and load. It means that only the generation of electricity is not the task of electrical engineers but also they have to work on transmission lines which are mediums to travel towards substations or grids and then feeds the power to nearby homes and industries. Smaller power systems are also found in industry, hospitals, commercial buildings and homes. In 1881 two electricians built the worlds first power system at Godalming in England. Commercial power systems such as shopping centres or high-rise buildings are larger in scale than residential systems. The objectives of the studies are to assure proper equipment and conductor sizing, and to coordinate protective devices so that minimal disruption is cause when a fault is cleared. At many schools, electronic or electrical engineering is included as part of their course.

In Pakistan, almost every engineering university has this evergreen department. The problem is that either the institute is providing sufficient knowledge and such type of environment or not. If we have a sufficient number of these trained peoples, then half of your problem is solved. After that it depends on government, is she really interested in generation of electricity? If yes, then simply you have to invest a great amount for the instalment of equipments. And this whole work can be done by your own trained engineers in the supervision of some experienced peoples. Once you install a plant and electricity is generated and you have to put up a fair network of transmission and distribution lines, it is quite easier to supply power at doorsteps of your customers.

Therefore, keeping a concerned eye on above discussion no one can deny the importance of electrical engineering. It can be said as the mother of engineering because if there is no power/electricity, nothing has luster, without electricity you no luxury, no technology, no inventions and no communication. The countries that are lagging behind in the field of electricity including Pakistan must facilitate their students and provide a quality of education so that they have their own weapons. We can say that electrical engineering is neither a regional nor a seasonal field. There will be no objection in that if we name it as the global field or area of engineering.

The author is Undergraduate Student in B.E (Electrical Engineering), Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering Science and Technology (QUEST), Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan.

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