P4 wateen complete ABL_optSTAFF REPORT LHR: Wateen Telecom has completed the rollout of Allied Bank Limited (ABL) for their branch office Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity and to upgrade its branch network infrastructure for over 550 branches nationwide.

This historic agreement with Wateen was done in 2011 to provide branch connectivity to ABL nationwide. As part of the upgrade, Wateen is providing WiMax and optical fibre connectivity to the Bankk branches and core data centres in Lahore; this will ultimately help the bank enhance the customer experience to an optimum level.

Wateen was selected after an intensive vendor selection process and found to be the best suited to provide state-of-the-art technical services and after-sales support to the bank.

“We are extremely proud of the fact that ABL has chosen us to partner with them on the provision of Networking solutions, enabling the bank to better serve its customers though a safer network environment,” said Naeem Zamindar, Chief Executive Officer at Wateen, on the occasion.

In his remarks, Mujahid Ali, ABL CIO, said, “In terms of deployment and turn-around, Wateen Telecom has proved to be a trusted partner.

Wateen has provided Metro Fiber/WiMax connectivity to ABL in far flung areas where no other provider has reached in terms of Network Infrastructure.”

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