STAFF REPORT LHR: New technology being employed in regional countries has yielded 20 per cent reduction in power transmission losses, said experts.

“Japan has made low electrical power loss conductor which would be helpful in reducing transmission losses up to 20 percent as compared to the conventional conductors,” said Sadaki Momoto, GM of Over Head Transmission, while speaking at a technical lecture series at Institution of Engineers Pakistan (IEP), Lahore.

He said that India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia are already using this technology and this technology would also be beneficial for Pakistan in overcoming the line losses. He said that Japanese experts are ready to help Pakistan in adopting this technology. He also said that this technology needed no special accessories and tools for low electrical power loss conductor.

“We are also facing the problems of power theft and line losses. It is difficult to adopt this technology in the infrastructure of already established network of transmission lines. However, we would establish a new network of transmission lines of 220 KV and 500 KV we could use this technology,” said General Secretary IEP Lahore Chapter Engineer Ameer Zameer.

He suggested that the government should involve the IEP and Pakistan Engineering Congress (PEC) in the consultation process for overcoming energy crisis.

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