NBP Dr BrohiSTAFF REPORT IBD: The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has started giving priority to financing energy and agricultural sectors over the coming years.
“We have successfully implemented first core banking application in its main branch to provide superb customer services, besides ensuring efficiency across the banking functions,” said President and CEO of NBP, Dr Asif A Brohi, while talking to media.
He said that NBP is the first bank in the country which has launched core banking application to strengthen its internal banking system, facilitating its customers.
“We have already completed a pilot project of online system and at present, with 1,294 online branches, the bank has become the countrys largest bank with 100 percent online branch network,” said Dr Brohi.
The bank will also finance energy-related project on top priority, he said.
Describing the detailes he added, so far, some 10 wind energy projects had been initiated in the country, of which seven have been financed by the NBP. Of these seven, five have already commenced operations and two more are expected to become operational shortly.
“The bank is planning to offset the impact of low interest rate by expanding investment in high-yield and low-risk products, low-cost deposit mobilisation, branch expansion and a reduction in non-performing loans (NPL),” said Dr Brohi.

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