STAFF REPORT IBD: SDPI Board of Governors, during a recent meeting, has selected Shafqat Kakakhel as its Chairperson, says a press release issued here. Kakakhel is a former Pakistani diplomat and a high-ranking official of United Nations.

He was Pakistans High Commissioner to Kenya, Uganda and Ambassador to Ethiopia from 1994-1998. He was appointed as Deputy Executive Director of UN Environment Programme as Assistant Secretary General in August 1998. He retired from UN in December2007. He was elected as member of the Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol as a nominee of the Government of Pakistan in December 2008.

Kakakhel is also member Advisory Board of Ministry of Environment as well as a member of the National Task Force on Climate Change.

“Since its inception two decades ago, SDPI has played an invaluable role in highlighting the importance of sustainable development in Pakistan,” remarked Kakakhail on the occasion

The Institute provided a platform to all major political parties to elaborate their manifestos for the benefit of millions of voters who felt bewildered by the increasingly polemical thrust of the electoral campaign in which issues seem to receive less attention due to the irresponsible tone and content of the election activities.

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