Dr-Mudassir-Israr-PCST-Edited-2-copy-266x300STAFF REPORT IBD: Chairperson Pakistan Council for Science and Technology Dr. Muddassar Israr has said that the establishment of a National Proficiency Testing Provider will facilitate numerous accredited testing laboratories nationwide to address requirements for international recognition for their testing service.
“After the establishment of proficiency testing scheme the cost will not only be reduced, but also such a scheme, once accredited, may be offered to other laboratories overseas leading to generation, rather than expenditure of foreign exchange,” said Dr. Muddassar while addressing a training workshop on ISO 17043:2010, Quality Management System for Proficiency Testing (PT).
The laboratories are participating in international Proficiency Testing (PT) schemes funded either by donor programmes, such as the TRTA II, or through the laboratories own funds.
This training focused on the development of the quality management system for a PT provider, proposed under this programme to be established at the National Physical Standards Laboratory (NPSL) in Islamabad.
Addressing the workshop participants from NPSL, PCSIR laboratories of Lahore and Peshawar, she emphasized the need to establish a National Proficiency Testing (PT) Scheme to facilitate the numerous accredited testing laboratories throughout Pakistan in addressing one of the key requirements for international recognition of their testing services.
Dr. Israr also encouraged the laboratories, as well as the NPSL, to be more diligent providing their unique services for the industry, on a commercial basis in line with a coherent business plan.

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