STAFF REPORT KHI: Striving to provide ever greater value to its customers, the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has introduced chip-based fuel smart cards which are the the first of their kind to be launched by any OMC in Pakistan.
The formal launch ceremony was organised under the theme of “Your World Just Got Smarter!” at DHA Golf Club, Karachi. The launch event featured high-profile guests and decision makers from across the corporate sector.
Highlights of the event, attended by high-profile guests and decision makers from across the corporate sector, included performance by the countrys leading musical band as well as a laser show by a foreign artist.
Introduced with the objective of providing increased convenience for PSO card customers, these fuel cards incorporate added security features in the form of chip-based encryption technology which secures all customer information residing in the chip from unauthorised access.
“Through the launch of this Smart Card, PSO has further underlined its standing as a customer-centric company which is continually introducing new products and services to provide ever greater benefits to the consumers at large,” said CEO and MD PSO, Naeem Yahya, while speaking on the occasion.
Usage of these cards will benefit corporate customers by facilitating administrative supervision, economising fuel expenses and selection of customised cards options.

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