STAFF REPORT IBD: A Pakistani student of 9th class Muhammad Abdullah Abid has developed a software that is capable of controlling the traffic during rush hours just with the help of webcam.

The software can change the traffic signals according to the number of vehicles on the road after collecting data through a normal webcam.

Abid who is a student of PakTurk School of Lahore was sent to participate in the global ICT competition where 176 projects from 48 countries including USA, Thailand, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Nigeria, Albania and Brazil were present. Abid stood second in the category of software development to bag second prize and additional reward of $300 dollars from the organisers of the contest.

His software uses a webcam or any security cam to take pictures of roads continuously, it calculate the number of cars on the roads and give more green light time to the rush direction.

This programme can also be effectively used in car parking, if a parking area is empty it send SMS to  registered drivers by using SMS while it has an FM radio option too to send audio message to drivers.

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