Staff Report  ISLAMABAD: Emphasised on the collaborative and synchronised efforts to practise the research on the impact of climatic changes in the highlands, speakers at a discussion said that only the integrated and collaborative approach would help conserve the large glaciers for smooth and steady provision of water not only for the human life and livelihood in the mountainous region but also for the downstream areas.

The policy brief on water management, recently held at the Central Karakorum National Park (CKNP) here was launched by the Socio Economic Environmental Development (SEED) project of the EVK2CNR in collaboration with the Karakorum International University (KIU).

Muhammad Javed Malik, Member Agriculture and Food, Planning Commission, said on the occasion that our glaciers contribute volume of water to the Indus River runs across the country and agriculture and ecology of Pakistan depends on the smooth flow of water in all seasons.

We need to take immediate bold steps to conserve our water towers by conserving the natural habitats and indiscriminate use of water resources besides protecting the rivers and lakes from the untreated waste water, he said.

In his remarks, Raffaele Del Cima, Project Director SEED, said, “The key objectives of this policy on water are to draw on the knowledge body generated by the researches that have been carried out since 2009 through the SEED project for the CKNP in Gilgit-Baltistan.

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