STAFF REPORT IBD: LG, the Korean Electronics Giant, has launched 84-inch Ultra HD TV which is fully equipped with 3D technology, in Pakistan with a price tag of whooping Rs 2 million per unit.

The product is the worlds first ultra HD TV which boosts 4K resolution, by setting new level of ULTRA HD (3840 X 2160) picture quality making Full HD (1920 X 1080) look like standard definition.

According to a press release issued by the company, the other top selling features of this beast include LG Cinema: LG Cinema 3D with 2D to 3D Conversion, LED Plus Technology, LG Smart TV, 2.2 Speaker System with 50W audio (10W x 2 + 15W Woofer x 2) and 2.2 Sound.

Its features also include Dual Play Technology: Two-player split screen gaming on the full screen on the same TV with LGs Dual Play technology, TruMotion (Frame Rate): 240 Hz, Wi-Fi® Ready.

“Currently, our production in Pakistan is only limited to televisions and LCDs, but in a couple of months we will start producing other household items like microwaves and washing machines,” said DY Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf while commenting on this pride of company.

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