STAFF REPORT IBD: Cellular phone operators remained failed to provide timely information to voters on the dedicated SMS service “8300” through their networks due to heavy traffic of inquiries by the subscribers for polling.

A number of mobile phone customers complained that they were unable to get response against the SMS sent to code number of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) facing difficulties to search their polling booth through technology.

Earlier, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Secretary ECP, had pointed out in various media briefings that ECP had received high inquiries through SMS from voters but the cellular phone operators capacity is limited to entertain them. He said that ECP processed 40mln requests through SMS a day before elections that continued increasing on the elections day.

It is disappointing that cellular phone companies quality of services to facilitate customers in the high time remained poor at the time when the nation got aware of adopting technology for information but unfortunately like many different moments in the past, they could not avail the benefit of technology due to limited capacity of mobile phone operators.

Experts are of view that cellular phone operators should update their networks for providing standard services to their customers on special occasions but they are reluctant to enhance their capacity against one-time expenses.

Despite poor services, mobile phone users have made millions of rupees after earning huge revenues from voice calls and text mainly because of high communication needs in the country.

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