Staff Report ISLAMABAD: UC Davis is taking the lead on the graduate education component of an innovative project in order to modernize agriculture in Pakistan with the initiation of a four-year $30 million Agricultural Innovation Project.

This project envisages improvement in management practices and productivity of the livestock, horticulture and grains grown in Pakistan, in turn improving the economy and creating a brighter future for its people.

“Its a fantastic project,” said Jim Hill, Associate Dean for International Programmes with the UCD College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. “Im thrilled that UC Davis will head the human capacity development, educating the agricultural leaders Pakistan needs to advance its agriculture sector.”

UCD will receive $5.2 million, $4.5 million of which will fund placing some 14 Pakistani master of science and and doctorate students in US land-grant universities where they are best suited. With its expertise in agriculture, UCD will likely land many of those students.

UCD will also work to improve horticulture production in Pakistan by helping farmers grow more high-quality perennial crops and by creating better postharvest technology. UCD will also help Cooperative Extension specialists in Pakistan develop electronic systems for delivering agricultural information to farmers.

“Pakistans agricultural issues are very similar to those in the western United States, such as the impact of climate change on irrigation and other water issues,” Jim Hill said.

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