biogasStaff Report LAHORE: Biogas which is produced by the fermentation of organic matter may help meet the persistent energy crisis in the country as its cost is 35 to 50 per cent less than charcoal, kerosene oil and firewood to get energy.

“Our national energy requirements are a big problem in Pakistan and it could be resolved by enhancing livestock and dairy development as it would consequently enhance manure for biogas production,” said Dr Sakhawat Ali, Chief Scientific Officer of Biotechnology and Food Department of the Pakistan Council of Science and Industrial Research (PCSIR), while talking to media.

The animal dung can be used for the generation of gas and effluent can be used as fertilizer, he added.

At present, Pakistan has 29.9 million buffaloes, 33 million cattle and 562 million poultry. A buffalo or cow produces 15 kg dung a day so there are 56,900,000 animals available if 50 percent dung is calculated, 42,6750,000 kgs dung can be obtained per day.

According to the statistics of PCSIR labs, one kg dung can produce 0.05 m3 biogas. Hence, we can generate 2.1x10m3 gas a day.

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