SZABIST_LogoSTAFF REPORT KHI: SZABIST students have introduced the change by participating in University Social Responsibility Season 2.0, a project by Project Management Class of 2013, under Facilitator Nizar Noorali and Ali Nasir as Project Manager. As many as 12 teams brought their socially responsible ideas to the table and competed for the total Rs 50,000 prize money.

For the first round, participants videos on a social issue were played, followed by the second round of presentations where each group was given a brand and they came up with Corporate Social Responsibility ideas. The judges judged upon the creativity, content and originality of the participants efforts. Participants exhibited tremendous skills in the Crises Management, Paint the change and recycling activities as well that brought out their time management skills.

Team 6, headed by Gohar Hassan from SZABIST – who won the best delegate award as well – won the first prize of Rs 35,000 while teams who won second and third prize received Rs 10,000 and Rs 5,000 respectively.

“This is the second time we have done this event and this time with a new team the event was bigger and better than the last time.

It is great to see the youth excited to work for the betterment of Pakistan,” said Project Manager, Ali Nasir.

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