5th-pakistan-oil-gas-forum-2013STAFF REPORT IBD: The annual 5th Pakistan Oil and Gas Forum is going to be held in Islamabad with a theme “Exploring and Sustaining Energy Needs – Charting Pakistans Road to Economic Development”.

The forum attracts a cross-section of professionals and practitioners from the oil and gas sector of Pakistan. This years forum will primarily focus on the implementation of the oil and gas policy and to find practical solutions to the challenges of energy requirements in the country.

“The academic nature of the forum enables eminent members of the oil and gas industry to cohesively highlight and discuss crucial points that enhances the understanding of the issues and opportunities in the industry,” said Menin Rodrigues, the convener and chairman of the forum.

The forum comprises two critical sessions and an interactive panel discussion. The first session will be on Oil and Gas Policy – Balancing the Investment, Demand and Supply Equation while the second session “Diversifying the Energy Mix – A Road Map towards Sustainable Energy Solutions” will be focusing on the game-changing opportunities that can make a difference in our current and future energy needs of the country.

On the occasion, the panel discussion on determining the energy model for Pakistan will be led by Dr. Gulfaraz Ahmed and Abdullah Yusuf.

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