STAFF REPORT IBD: Teralight is offering online training programme filled with instructor-led, video-based courses covering infrastructure courses on IT and telecommunication for both wireless and wireline.

“Our courses allow trainees to work and learn at their own pace without sacrificing the quality of instructor-led lessons,” said an official of the company while talking to this scribe.

He said that the comprehensive coverage of course topics coupled with onscreen demonstrations and rich multimedia content (PowerPoint, PDF and DOC) work together to deliver an engaging learning environment.

According to the company, for this training programme; students can enroll and attend online from anywhere in the world and at any time. These courses typically have anywhere from 14 to 25 modules, which help step up to higher tiers within the assigned tracks.

The Teralight Academy is offering to corporate clients (operators, regulators and ministerial institutions) the opportunity to take advantage of promotional pricing which brings forward international best in class training services via an assortment of options. Teralights multiple hundred man years of telecoms experience offers the strongest real world experience for its course attendees.

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