Green tea can fight intestinal worms: FUUAST

green-teaSTAFF REORT KHI: Pakistani Researcher Siknader K. Sherwani publication of the Federal Urdu University Karachi in International Journal of Pharmacy indicated that green tea has a potential to kill worms.

According to Sherwani, “Our research group is dedicatedly involved in exploring green tea potential. We have already explored its potential as antibacterial and antifungal agent”.

He had a view, “Green tea is blessing and very help in treating infections not because as a popular hot bevrage but as a folk medicine also since ages”.

In the particular research he answered, “Infections by worms in children particularly as well as adult are considered most common agents of humans infections especially in developing countries and actively participate in global burden of diseases”.

More he said, “World Health Organization estimated 2 billion people infected with helminthes, it was also estimated that 100 per cent of all age group of school children are at risk of catching infection.”

Regarding the study, he added, “I used in this study adult earthworms Pheritima posthuma as a model animal. We developed aqueous extract of green tea and compared its efficacy with  control and standard drug for different concentration of 25 mg/ml, 50 mg/ml, 100 mg/ml were tested which included determination of paralysis time and death time in minutes”.

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