agri1STAFF REPORT LHR: Speakers at an event emphasizes the need for swift implementation of agri-biotech applications in Pakistan in order to meet the food, fodder and fiber needs for the growing population.

The event was organized to launch the International service for the Acquisition of Agro-Biotech Application, (ISAAA) Brief 44 by the Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center (PABIC) in collaboration with Govt College University (GCU), Lahore, at the Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Government College University, Lahore.

Dr. Clive James, the Author of ISAAA Brief 44 and the Founder and Chair of ISAAA, in his recorded message to the audience said that this is great challenge to provide sufficient food to the growing population of the world. He said that Pakistani population will reach to 250 million by 2050.

He encouraged the audience to go through the findings of ISAAA brief 44 in order to explore the tremendous benefits which this can bring for the food, feed and fiber security for massive population of Pakistan.

Prof. Dr. Kausar Adulla Malik in his speech talked about the Pakistan scenario in the global context and appreciated the fact that despite late start, the country has achieved a substantial economic gain through biotechnology application (cotton).

Prof. Dr. M. Khaliq-ur-Rahman Izaz-e-kamal urged the participants to identify the bottlenecks which are hindering the much needed applications of biotechnology, despite genuine needs of the country.

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