STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has received as many as 33,310 complaints from users against telecom operators during the financial year 2012, out of which 99 per cent complaints were addressed properly.

According to the PTA, telecom consumers registered these complains through various channels like online, email, hotline, written and faxes sent to the PTA headquarters addresses and zonal offices.

“We have properly addressed these complaints which were against the cellular operators, fixed line, wireless, broadband, LDIs and other telecom licensed operators,” said an official of the telecom watchdog.

He said that about 71 per cent of total received complaints were against cellular operators with over 120 million subscribers base while 27 per cent out of total 33,310 complaints were against PTCL which has just 3.5 million customers.

The official also said that will ensure that the ratio of these complaints come down in future as the telecom regulatory authority has intensified its monitoring of the operators across the country.

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