Importance-of-technology-management-2TECHNOLOGY HAS major impacts on our lives. Now in these days people think we are nothing without technology. At every instant of time we are surrounded by technology weather we are working or resting we are using technology. Man has worked hard to improve steadily to do various tasks fast and effectively. Many nations have succeeded in building great achievements and progress due to developing of advance technology before the other nations.
Technology gets great importunes day by day in human life. We use technology in every purpose of our daily routine. Its use has made life easy. Now in these days every nation tries to get the latest technology for the benefits of its citizens. Many people see that technological innovations as a solution to our some problems that exist on our planet. Its true or a big reality that technology can be used for good, but with new developments brings new challenging issues.
The society in which we are living is called “Technologically civilized” society. Every work we do is dependent on technology. Today we can say without technology living is like living without air in this technical world. Therefore, everyone is dependent on technology. Technology has made us much dependent on it, and we cannot expect or imagine life without the word “technology” in it. Therefore, technology plays a major role in our life. Technological progress is important in the fields of business, education, as well as healthcare and everywhere.

Technology innovations have helped to introduce many positives changes in the educational sectors. As all of us know the new methods of learning and teaching have made the process easy, simple, and more interesting. In school, computer technology has helped to explain subjects properly and in detail. This has reflected throughout the student performance, students can get lot of knowledge about their subject through internet. Students can search more details or clear concepts and find more interesting information on the same topic. This will increase the better understanding of their knowledge.
In education field technology benefits are not just for teachers or students also get benefits, other people like administrators or faculty members or parents. The benefits of technology in this field we can be summarized as. 1) Technology encourages students to learn in a positive manner. 2) Technology improves learning skills and set minds in proper way. 3) Technology provide mind key to set future workforce.
In the field of business, technology helped small business progress and increase quickly. The social networking use like video conferences, video calls, electronic office tools and more other techniques has removed all boundaries, which in the last decades prevented growth. Through technology businesses we can see on large or small scale reached a wider customer base and grow and expand. Technology is considered to be extremely important in business field as it provides faster and new methods of getting a job done. Computer programs can be used for business community to provide them easier manufacturing of goods. Businessman can get lots of ideas how a man can run business from small to large scale.
Technology has improved the way of communication, now in these days workers are not limited to phone calls, they can communicate with other business workers, send emails and messages without fear of interruption. In reality, importance of workforce has also increased, workers are able to identify recruit or hire potential candidates quickly. Workers are able to inform about vacancies to large number of applicants. Digital filing has helped improve the quality, organization and efficiency in the workplace. Printing costs, paper consumption and space can be saved, thanks to electronic filing systems. The greatest advantage of business technology is the elimination of wastage of time and money. Through video calls and internet travel cost drastically can be cut down.
Technology gets great or huge importance in healthcare. Health technology has improved organization and efficiency. Presently technologically advancement within the healthcare sectors has successfully improved the efficiency and productivity of hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, etc.
Technology has helped us to develop many ways of diagnosing dangerous disease. It has also helped us making patients record easier, allowing for global health networking and increasing access to a quality of healthcare. It is a great resource for students, doctors, scientists, patents, providers of healthcare and policy makers with a desire to better understand ways of the healthcare is affected by the advancing technology. Now in these days through technology we can cure every kind of disease. Doctors can examine patients quickly and accurately.
Being aware of the importance of technology is necessary because technology has helped us in every walk of life. It is clear that technology has great impacts on our lives. We cannot imagine our life without technologically advanced things like mobile phone, computers, cars, machines, etc. So, we conclude that it is our responsibility to continue the new developments in technology for benefits of our country or society.


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