biogasSTAFF REPORT KHI: Small raw-built biogas units are proving to be the best alternative to the firewood for some of the Thatta villagers who say these mini biogas plants have not only reduced their dependence on firewood but they are also getting quality organic manure for their farmlands.

Built and installed by the WWF-Pakistan, these 150 biogas units of six cubic metres each have been providing clean cooking solutions in the villages of Thatta.

“A small biogas unit is a simple structure with an inlet from where cow or buffalo dung mixed with water is poured into a tank, usually underground, where bacteria act symbiotically and convert the organic matter into methane gas through anaerobic digestion,” Deputy Director General WWF-Pakistan Dr. Ejaz Ahmed told a group of journalists who have recently visited the village.

He said that over 2,000 biogas plants have been installed by their organisation in 13 districts of the country and people have been using them quite successfully and satisfactorily to cook food, while the byproduct of organic waste used in these plants also happens to be very useful organic fertilizer.

“Now instead of using urea fertilizer, the owners of biogas plants are using the manure produced by their biogas plants,” he claimed.

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