onion-paprika.jpg2__optSTAFF REPORT FBD: Agriculture is the single largest sector and driving verve of Pakistans economy, despite the structural changes in the economy since the countrys independence.

Food is mostly still produced and handled in the traditional ways in Pakistan. However, with advancement in technology and changes in consumer preferences, the trend for production and consumption of safe and nutritious food is increasing.

Organic farming is a sustainable farming system that produces healthy crops and livestock without damaging the environment. It avoids the use of artificial chemical fertilizers and pesticides, relying on developing a healthy and fertile soil that can grow a mixture of crops.

There is nothing radically new about organic farming: it is merely our traditional method of farming with cow-dung as manure and neem leaves to keep insects away. Some other techniques of organic farming control pests by using farmer-friendly insects.

Among fruits, citrus, mango, apple, guava, banana, dates, and melons are the leading fruit crops in Pakistan, according to the government, if we consider the area under cultivation and production.

In Pakistan, the production of organic fruits is in its initial stages. Consumers are willing to consume organic fruits, but they have limited knowledge and opportunities to purchase them. At this stage, it is necessary to explore the marketing potential of organic fruits so that appropriate policy measures may be taken for further expansion and adoption. The more aware the consumer will be of health benefits associated with organic produce, the more likely they will be to purchase organic products.

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